Friday, July 16, 2010

half empty, half full

Good: Zupas today with Ham and Fuhlex.
Bad: 2 1/2 hour work meeting last night.
Good: Fuhlex started a blog.
Bad: One of my fish died. And it's name was Ginger.
Good: Disneyland with Chris in ten days. (!!!!!!!!!)
Bad: Not seeing Chris for three days.
Good: Lake Powell in thirty one days.
Bad: Aunt Flo currently.
Good: Having a job.
Bad: Work in twenty minutes.
Good: Dozens of free UVU Shwags and not being (as) scared for college anymore.
Bad: Supposed "terrible" math teacher.
Good: Shaving cream slip n' slide.
Bad: Chapped rash grass bum.
Good: Sleepovers, hollering neighbors, explicit cakes, roasted marshmallows, phillip's bush, trampoline jumping, summer nights, three thirty in the morning.
Bad: Fun with friends is almost over.
Good: Summer.

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

I need to see this cake, I'm surprised no one sent me a picture!
and I need fuhlex's blog...