Wednesday, July 14, 2010

mallory jane's bottom ten.

And the bottom as follows.

10. Running screaming little children with no mother to be seen causing havoc and covered in snots.
*Coming in at 11 is mothers who let their babies cry and cry and cry and pretending like it doesn't exist/they are deaf. Miss? There is a BABY two feet in front of you CRYING ITS HEAD OFF. You gave birth to it. Take care of it.
9. People who spell my last name "Strauss." It is actually Straus and pronounced Straus. Not Straws.
8. When people say "ok..." Here is the translation. You are crazy, stupid, and don't know what you're talking about. No actually. I'm not any of those things. You are just being rude. Don't say that to me.
7. Vehicle drivers who go five under the speed limit in front of you because they need to turn somewhere ten miles ahead. Maybe more. But they are afraid they might miss their precious turn so they go excruciatingly slow and throw your day's schedule completely off because of their time-wasting.
6. Nickelback.
5. "Your" instead of "you are." And bad grammar in general. I want to know what school you went to that didn't make English a required credit. Cause I think maybe a lot of people went there.
4. South Park. Family Guy is funny. South Park isn't.
3. Inconsistent formatting. Examples:
If there is a list and one thing isn't like the others.

a. One
b. Two
c. three
d. Four

Just capitalize the DANG word "three"! And there is an extra space before "One". Ooooh it irks me.
2. Animal killers. People that put cats in microwaves. You will pay for your sins.
1. Thinking about Chris being gone for two years.

Also desserts with dangerous names and songs that try to pass off "la la's", "na na's", and "doot doo's" as legitimate lyrics.

Please refer to this video. Tis me and Lindsey's very favorite sbEmail.

I like lists. What's your bottom ten?


Lindsey said...

Oh em gee.
I was so going to do one of these!
just so you's know, when I do, it was not copy, it was more...great minds think alike.

Lindsey said...
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Jessie said...

wet socks.