Tuesday, July 13, 2010


One fine day, I was awarded this beaute.

It's becoming a passer arounder like a piece of chain mail. But who cares? I am quite pleased with it. I was pleasantly surprised when Miss Megan Abel passed it to me. She is fabulous. I like her. We dated once.


Ze Rules:
1: Send a warm cyber hug to whoever awarded you with a nice shout out.
2: Flatter yourself and tell the entire world that you have been awarded, followed by seven unique things about you.
3: Pass along this heart-warmer of an award to your favorite blogs.

Alrighty folks. Here are them seven things.

Uno. I can say the alphabet backwards super fast. I had a race with someone once. I won. In under 5 seconds.

Dos. I loathe bad grammar. Misspellings. Unnecessary quotations and capitalization. Unneeded apostrophe s's. It drives me NUTS!

Tres. Every song I sing ends up sounding like Creed.

Quatro.The only bone I've ever broken in my body was my little toe, and I've never been stung by a bee, and I'm not allergic to anything, and I've never been in a car wreck, and I've never had surgery. Someday something horrible is going to happen to me, I just know it.

Cinco. My room is a 12-year-old's. It has purple dragonflies all around the walls, and two pictures of cats hanging in it. I'm trying to renovate. When I have my own apartment, it will be vintage heaven. Everything will be from Anthropologie and antique stores.

Seis. Cameo jewelry and freckles and red hair and cats are my absolute favorite.

. I don't know about politics. Or Calculus. Or Physics. But I do know everything there is to know about Harry Potter, and Pokemon (the originals), and I know all the 50 states and capitols.

So. Here are the blogs that I look at every day. And wish they would post every half hour because I always want more.

Lindsey. When Change Is JUST What You Needed.
Meggie. A Twisted Fairytale.
Dobe and Curr. Our Daily Dose.
Evan and Diana. In The Shack.
Kristen. ETC.
Mandi. Dear World It's Me, Mandi.

You know, if you want a list, just check out the right hand side of your browser window. The section titled I LIKE IT. I do. I do like it.