Monday, November 1, 2010


Last night I stayed up to an unthinkably late hour (midnight) waiting to register for my spring classes, and when the time finally came, I spent a half hour trying to log on to the clogged website, and when I finally got in, there was a flipping HOLD on my registration so I couldn't sign up for anything. After dragging my body out of bed and not bothering to shower this morning, I talked to my crazy counselor and she told me it wasn't her fault; Universal Studies had put the hold on cause I hadn't picked a major, but I actually did, it was my dumb counselor's fault for not changing my major in time, and then everyone else's fault for telling me nothing about any silly hold or anything else ever. So all the classes I need are taken up, and I am on all sorts of waiting lists, and I am stuck with a highly un-recommended chemistry teacher whose class is at 2 in the afternoon, which throws off my entire work schedule. And I have to go to work today, and I am super behind on homework, and Halloween is over. What a nasty ball of gross nasty stress. BUT, despite all of that, I am in an insanely good, blissful, happy mood today. I am inspired. I have lots of really neat people in my life. I have a new Vampire Weekend CD and Harry Potter midnight tucketts. I'm going to see Circa Survive in 11 days. I have this ginger boy that feels bad for me when my life gets all fuddled and makes me feel brand new and all giddy and is willing to do anything for the sake of my happiness. I've got a kitty that likes to cuddle on my pillow and goggie that wags his tail any time I look at him like I'm the best thing ever. I have a fun, perfect job. I've got wonderful parents and the best brother. And everything is going to work out. I just know it.


Nicole said...

i envy your optimism

(Megan) said...

Oh Mallorallorallory. I wish we could all be like you. I miss you tremendously.