Friday, December 24, 2010

ace gang annual christmas party: VER 2.0

Second annual Christmas party. My house. Loooads of food. Trillions of laughs.

Eddy sat on everyone,

Britt played with Gary,

Jade wrapped Alexxx's presents in old men,

and Sharon looked super Asian. We also took several marvelous photobooth pictures that will forever be treasures, but those are for another post.

And the gift exchange was a huge success.

Lindsey had Ham and gave her Sour Patch chillren, headphones and New Pornographers CD (Shmeg: WHAT??? PORNOGRAPHERS??[sidenote: actually a catchy nice band])

Ham got Jade and gave her She & Him and Beirut (!!), argyle socks, Bert's Bees, and very Jade-ish earrings. PS. I think Jade looks rather beautiful in this phoe toe.

Jade had Alexxx and HAND-KNITTED her some hobo gloves and gave her a homemade wallet, and some neat fast drying nail polish stuff. Is there anything Jade can't do.

Alexx had Lindsey and gave her 25 cash......wrapped in toilet paper rolls.

Shmeggie had Sharon and gave her headbands and all sorts of peacock things which brought on a round of singing Katy Perry.

Sharon had Shaelee, and as a fellow victim of Beiber Fever, she knew to get her just the thing to cuddle with on cold winter nights. Baby Biebs blanket and Tee.

Shadeee had moi and gave me a super soft leather jackutt, wooly tights and matching earrings to Sharon's!! I lurve it all.

I had Hannah and gifted unto her a wonderful red Downeast sweater (the finest)(cause Hannah looks GOOD in red. Like Homestar Runner.) and a leopard straightener. And chocolate o' course.

Hadduh had Kelp and gave her an adorable hat + handmade barrettes to pin on the hat. SOOOO CUUUTE.

Kelp had Brittany (could it get any more perfect?) and gave her a beautiful white shirt, beautiful pattern tights, a saucy book and yummy gum.

Britt-P had Rachel and gave her pink pom pom'd slippers, nail polish, and smell goods.

And Rachel had Shmeggie and gave her some adorable boots and white nail polish. This is one of my favorite pictures probably ever.

Everyone used Vicky bags....a little weird.

And.....this. What a girl.


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Wow, dats some good gift exchangin.