Sunday, December 26, 2010

to lelele. from lelele.

Oh! Christmas was WONDERFUL. Edward is all decked out now with a GPS and an amazing car kit. Received oodles of German chocolate (KINDER EGGS - Scrumptious chocolate wrapped in an egg shape around a plastic yellow capsule which contains a magical prize! Germans are geniuses) and also a Magic 8 Ball, which has already solved several dilemmas for me.
People, I have the best boyfriend of all. I want to exclaim it on the tip of a mountaintop to the world. He always makes Christmas so good and gives me such neat things. And, I'll have to put up a picture of what I gave him for the 12th day of Christmas. BASICALLY I'm like, the best grlfrnd ever.

From him. My feet are very happy.

And now Christmas is over and I have a Christmas hangover and I'm trying very hard to pretend like it isn't December 26th, for it is the most depressing day of the year. All the fun is over. I've always loathed it. Particularly sad this year. For me, Christmas was the midpoint between awesome and dreadful. Now, 1. School is starting soon and 2. Chris is leaving soon. To avoid symptoms of Christmas hangover I listened to Arcade Fire & cleaned out my closet which actually did bring me cheer. I love organizing + cleaning. And I was nearly breaking my arm pushing all of my clothes to the side every time I tried to get a sweater out of my closet. HA! Not. It was no match for my huge biceps. But it was getting ridiculous, I couldn't fit anything in there.

WELP, I hope Christmas was as awesome for you as it was for me!!!!

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Lindsey said...

Kinder eggs are the best. I used to get them from Scotland too. Foreign chocolate is the best.
and don't rub it in!!