Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i've got wheels, i've got cutter spray and a healthy sense of worth.

SCHOOL IS OUT!! YEAH! So extremely glad it's over. And just in time for Christmas. What a treat. One word: Sleeeeeep. Another two words: FREEE TIIIME.

I finally figured out, after much agonizing hard thinking, what to get Chris for Christmas. It's crazy difficult shopping for missionaries. My friend at work gave me the idea to do a 12 days of Christmas type thing. It has been so fun giving him a present every day. He is always so thrilled and happy. And they are good ones. And they just keep getting better.

Ace Gang reunite on Thursday. Boy oh boy am I excited. Our Christmas party last year consisted of more food I have ever seen at one time and a lot of good laughin's. We do a secret santa between all of us and it is a complete success. I haven't seen any signs of life from my friends for weeks other than bookface and the occasional text. It's weird.

I saw these two films:

Both were fantastic. Tron has the coolest music ever. All techno-y and robotic. It's all by Daft Punk. I want the soundtrack. And they showed the trailer for Pirates 4 and I'm so stoked!!

I wanna go skiing. Too bad it is ridiculously expensive/I work all the time. All this powder has got to be heavenly in the mountains. Darnit.

Chris and I have this deal where we are going to see each other every day until he leaves. It is the greatest ever. We've been doing all sorts of neat things. Uh..Christmas break rocks.

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Megham said...

Next year will you pleeeeeeease do the calendar? :) I just really want to see you dressed up as a nun